Why Use QuickReview?

You can quickly evaluate whether the startup I founded is eligible for investment through QuickReview.


Self checking

Through various questions in QuickReview, you can assess whether your startup is adequately prepared at a foundational level.

Quick responses

You can quickly check whether your company is ready to receive investment.

Various investors

There is a lot of opportunities to meet various investors through QuickReview.



Very simple. Just answer honestly to any questions you receive. You will get an objective answer.

@JohnK, Korea M&A Corporation

If you have a strong understanding of the market and competitive landscape and provide your response accordingly, you can expect a favorable evaluation.

@Ashley, Ylem Invest

It is necessary to explain specifically what difficulties you found in the market and how you overcame them.

@MattH, Berlin VC

You need to write in detail about who came together to start the project and what important roles each person has.

@RyanW, Parisol invest

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